Transport from the Airport

• Most international flights arrive at Henri Coanda (Otopeni) Airport.
• Airport facilities include ATM, currency exchange office, Taxi Desk and cell phone rentals.
• Major car rental companies have offices located on the arrivals/ baggage claim level.
• Two Express Bus lines 783 and 780 connect Bucharest International Airport with the downtown and respectively with the city's main train terminal.You need to buy a ticket from the kiosk: the driver does not sell tickets.
• Bus 783 from / to the airport to downtown Bucharest operates 24 hours a day while
• Bus 780 from / to the airport to the train station operates from 5:19 am to 11:04 pm.
• Taxis can be called by using the touch screen computer (Dispecerat Automatizat Taxi) available next to the Taxi Desk (Taxi la Comanda) located in the arrivals terminal. There is no flat rate taxi transportation available from Bucharest Airport to downtown. Rate / km: 1.39 lei to 3.50 lei. There is no extra-charge for luggage. The average fare from the airport to downton Bucharest is less than 70 Lei (the equivalent of $18.00). Do not accept rides from drivers who might approach you inside or in front of the terminal, you will risk to be overcharged. Pay the cab: some accept credit cards, most don’t.
• Uber and CleverTaxi are ride-hail apps that operate in Bucharest

Public Transportation in Bucharest

• Bucharest's public transportation network includes: bus (autobuz), tram (tramvai), trolley bus (troilebuz) and subway (Metrou).
• Buses, trams and trolley buses operate - between 5 am and 11:59pm.
• The subway operates - from 5 am until 11 pm.
• There are four subway (Metrou) lines (M1, M2, M3 and M4). Subway stations are indicated with the letter "M" (blue, on a white board).
• Metro maps can be printed here or can be purchased in bookshops and newspaper kiosks.
• The final destination is indicated on the front of the train. Each stop is announced as the train nears the station.
• Trains arrive every four to seven minutes during peak times and every 15-20 minutes off-peak times.
• The average distance between subway stops is about one mile.
• Subway fares:
- 2-trip metro card: 5 Lei (approx. $1.25)
- 10-trip metro card: 20 Lei (approx. $4.95)
• Tickets/cards must be purchased beforehand and validated upon boarding.
• Travelers may be asked to show the validated ticket/card during the trip. Tickets or passes can be purchased at any kiosk displaying the STB logo.


Even if Romania is in European Union, the local currency is RON (Romanian national currency, called “leu”). As in any other countries, don’t exchange EUR/RON in the airport, the fares are not really fair to the buyer. There are many exchange houses in Bucharest, and Bank offices where you can exchange money (debit/credit cards are usually accepted almost everywhere).


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Typical weather for February in Bucharest

Temperatures in February in Bucharest might change from day to day or even from hour to hour. There are days when you enjoy 17 degrees and there are night with negative temperatures.


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